Choosing/finding the right event horse can be quite a challenge, there are so many horses bred for the sport, and almost as many coming to the sport from other avenues. What suits one person may not always suit the next, so finding a horse you can build a long term relationship with is key.

For Daisy, she is looking for a horse with the potential to go all the way, and if not that, to be successful at the level that he/she is confident at.

1) Stamp – Not too big, small can be beautiful if the stride is scopey enough.

2) Blood – plenty of it, preferably at least 3/4 TB, although some of the warmblood stallions carry a lot of tb in them now. I still love a little bit of Irish in the breeding, as it can give you some of that “get out of gaol” brain.

3) Confirmation – Good legs and feet. All the talent in the world is useless if you can’t stay sound!! A good sloping shoulder, Upright shoulders don’t usually move.

4)Movement – Plenty of swing through the shoulder, and activity in the hind leg. The canter means more to me than the trot, as you need a good canter to jump.

5) Eye – He needs to look back at you with the look of eagles. I want to enjoy seeing him looking over the stable door. If you don’t like the face, there’s no point having it in your yard!