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Over a century of experience has been invested in the development of our complete range of equine supplements. Produced to the highest quality control standards, using the latest production techniques, and with UFAS and ISO accreditation, we stock only the finest horse supplements.

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Whether you’re looking for vitamin and mineral supplements, calmers, joint supplements, electrolyte boosters or performance support, we have a solution that you can trust.

Find out whats new at Equiform
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Trusted by experts worldwide
Unique products to support your horse
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For Performance & Concentration Horses remain relaxed & engaged. Delivers...
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Excel Digest Paste
Developed for use in conjunction with the Excel Digest powder...
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Barrier Cream
Protects the skin from mud and water Contains Tea Tree...
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Excel Boost
Provides a readily available energy source Supports optimum oxygen delivery...
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excel cush-ex
Specially formulated to support the immune system. Maintains normal function...
Xtrolyte Pro
Powdered electrolyte Designed specifically for racehorses For horses performing at...