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Billy Twomey winter

Horse Supplements for Winter Survival

For tip top survival this winter, consider horse supplements from Equiform. 

Winter can be a difficult time of year with cold and challenging conditions for both you and your performance horse. With freezing conditions and lack of fresh grass, it’s important to consider nutrition, health and wellbeing.

Top Tips for Winter Survival

  • Ensure you horse is wearing the correct breathable rugs that are in excellent condition. Check there are no holes, tears or areas which rub your horse causing pain and discomfort
  • Ensure access to ample forage (grass, hay or haylage) throughout the colder months
  • Access to clean and fresh water at all times – check regularly throughout the day when there are freezing conditions as water can become frozen quickly in winter
  • Wear high vis if hacking out on the roads
  • Choose good quality, dust free bedding for the stable and keep in clean by mucking out regularly
  • Keep an eye out for any signs of mud fever
  • Have sand available for any ice pathways which may build up
  • Consider giving your horse a vitamin or mineral supplement to support their health and wellbeing

Top Tips from Scarlett Ward

One of our sponsored riders, Scarlett Ward, gave us her Top Tips to surviving winter, click here

For the new year and in the build up to the season ahead, you’ll be wanting to ensure that your horse is in the best condition and getting all the nutrients it needs.

Adding a supplement to support and maintain the training you’ve worked so hard for can be of benefit.

Multi Vitamin Supplement Range

Our range of multi vitamin products are ideal for both helping support a healthy horse and a happy winter season.

We have a wide range within our multi vitamin products to suit your horse and discipline, which includes

  • Excel on Form
  • Excel Dressage
  • Excel Jump Off
  • Excel Boost
  • Excel Extra
  • Excel Gold Activated
  • Excel Maintain

To find out more, click here

Supplementing Performance 

Equiform Nutrition has been producing high quality supplements for all types of horses and ponies for over 100 years. Based in Cheshire in the UK, we are proud to be a leading British brand of high-quality nutritional supplements for both sports and performance horses

All of our products are made on site to the highest quality control industry standards, in our innovative production facility.