Daisy Berkeley

Daisy Berkeley

Daisy Berkeley is best known for her partnership with Spring Along, and together they represented Great Britain at four international championships.

Spring Along has won Daisy Olympic team bronze (Hong Kong, 2008), European team gold (Pratoni. 2007) and World silver (Aachen, 2006). Daisy also enjoyed success as a British Young Rider team medalist before making her British senior team debut in 1995. In addition to her International successes, Daisy & Spring Along also won the British Open Championships in 2010.

Daisy Berkeley is based in Gloucestershire and has a number of horses in her yard, spanning all the levels of the sport. All Daisy's horses are supported by Equiform Nutrition & enjoy the benefits of a wide range of our products. Daisy has fed a wide range of Equiform products over the years, including our Electrolytes, click here to find out more about them & which product will suit your horse.

Daisy's tip for success is

"Keep it black and white. When you train a horse either on his back or on the ground, keep it clear, no grey areas. It avoids confusion, promotes understanding and leads to a better relationship between horse and rider"

Here is a lovely feature in Horse and Hound about Daisy with some great advice