Marcus Reid

After using Excel digest
Marcus Reid
Marcus Reid - Before Treatment
Marcus Reid - After Treatment

I have used Excel digest on several of my horses since I was first introduced to it several years ago. I find the results second to none. It helps maintain a healthy gut function which in turn produces happy horses. This particular young 4 yr old horse I purchased was in a bit of a sorry state, (as you can see in the top photo) he was under nourished, he was extremely sharp and would bronc when tacked up / ridden. So I decided after a few weeks of working him I would put him on Excel digest! And WOW what a difference in his attitude to work, although still extremely sharp! I began to see a much happier horse that only wanted to please in his work, also his condition was really starting to improve quite quickly. I have no doubt that it was the help of the Excel digest (see bottom photo). This is a product that I absolutely swear by, the results speak for themselves and the most important bit is I have Happy Horses. Thank you Equiform for providing products that truly work, keeping my horses in peak condition year round!”