Barrier Cream

  • Protects the skin from mud and water
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil and Lavender
  • Supports hard working legs




Barrier Cream is an easy to use ointment designed to help protect the legs from harsh weather conditions. The ointment may be used on clean dry legs to help support recovery from skin problems caused by over exposure to mud and water. The addition of tea tree and lavender has beneficial properties and supports the maintenance and repair of skin. 

Overexposure to wet and muddy conditions may cause skin problems. Daily use of Barrier cream can help to prevent skin irriation.

Ideal for all horses turned out in wet & muddy conditions, as well as those working regularly on sandy surfaces

Instructions For Use

Wash legs before use. Apply liberally to affected areas and repeat as required. Where horses are stabled overnight, wash & dry legs before reapplying. Apply in the direction of the hair. 

We have recently changed the packaging of this to an ‘easy to squeeze’ tube. This should make it easier to use as well as reducing wastage and mess. The photo will update shortly with the new packaging.

For sensitive horses prone to allergies and irritations, ExTox is an ideal supplement to support a sensitive immune system 

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1 review for Barrier Cream

  1. Louise (verified owner)

    Fabulous cream! Great at clearing stubborn mud fever, I will now always have some in my kit. Just wish there was different postage options available.

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  • Protects the skin from mud and water
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil and Lavender
  • Supports hard working legs
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