Equiform’s Immune and Joint Care Solutions

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In the world of equine care, attention to both internal health and physical well-being is paramount. At Equiform, we understand that a holistic approach is key to maintaining a happy, healthy horse. That’s why our range of immune and joint care products are designed to support your horse’s health from the inside out.

1. Building a Strong Immune System with Equiform

The immune system is the first line of defense against illness and infection. A robust immune system is essential, especially during seasonal changes or stressful periods. Equiform’s immune range is formulated with high-quality ingredients known for their immune-boosting properties. These supplements help support your horse’s natural defenses, ensuring they are equipped to handle whatever challenges come their way.


Equicell enhances your horse’s vitality and energy, ensuring peak cellular health and performance.


ExTox effectively shields your horse from harmful mycotoxins, supporting liver health and nutrient absorption


Zynolix boosts stamina and immune health in horses, ideal for those requiring high endurance levels

2. Supporting Joint Health for Mobility and Comfort

Joint health is crucial for horses of all ages and disciplines. Whether your horse is a seasoned athlete or a leisure companion, maintaining joint health is key to ensuring their comfort and mobility. Equiform’s joint care range offers comprehensive support for joint health, from supplements that aid in reducing inflammation to those that promote cartilage health and joint fluidity.

Key Products:

Easy Joint Liquid

Easy Joint Liquid from Equiform is a dynamic solution for horses requiring immediate joint support. Its liquid form ensures rapid absorption, delivering swift relief to horses experiencing joint discomfort. Formulated with key ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, it works to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. Ideal for horses in intense training or those recovering from joint-related issues, Easy Joint Liquid is a convenient and effective way to maintain joint mobility and comfort.

Easy Joint Suppleness Powder

Equiform’s Easy Joint Suppleness Powder is a comprehensive supplement designed for daily joint maintenance. This carefully balanced powder supports long-term joint health, enhancing flexibility and reducing the risk of joint wear and tear. Rich in essential nutrients and natural joint-supporting compounds, it’s perfect for horses at all life stages, from active competitors to senior equines. Regular use of Easy Joint Suppleness Powder helps ensure your horse’s joints remain healthy, resilient, and ready for any activity.

3. The Equiform Difference

At Equiform, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients, backed by scientific research. Our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that each batch meets our stringent quality standards. With over a century of experience in equine nutrition, you can trust Equiform to provide your horse with the best care possible.

Supplementing Performance 

Equiform Nutrition has been producing high quality supplements for all types of horses and ponies for over 100 years. Based in Cheshire in the UK, we are proud to be a leading British brand of high-quality nutritional supplements for both sports and performance horses including: 




Joint Supplements


All of our products are made on site to the highest quality control industry standards, in our innovative production facility.