• Premium Iron & B complex supplement.
  • Ideal for supporting the immune system.
  • Benefit horses requiring high levels of stamina
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Zynolix is a premium Iron and B complex supplement, containing vital vitamins and minerals for performance horses. Zynolix is an ideal supplement for supporting the horses immune system, especially following an immune challenge and will also benefit horses requiring high levels of stamina. It is also of considerable benefit to horses thought to be suffering from loss of stamina and reduced performance.

Powerful antioxidants have also been added to including an extract from Melon. Additionally, these nutrients combine to have a positive effect on blood antioxidant capacity. As a result, maintaining the oxidant/antioxidant equilibrium is essential to support the animal’s resistance to the stress associated with training and performance. This is particularly important for fitness and performance, and also offers protection against the effect of oxidative stress, which has been linked to many performance related problems, including reduced pulmonary function.


  • Contains Copper and Iron necessary for haemoglobin formation and utilisation.
  • Palatable Honey and Glucose Base.
  • Can be administered orally or poured over the feed.
  • An excellent tonic.
  • Suitable for adult horses, yearlings and foals more than one week old.
  • Zynolix does not contain any banned substances.

Instructions For Use
Feeding Rate:
Horses: 60ml per horse per day.
Ponies: 30ml per horse per day.
Foals over one week: 30ml per foal per day.

For horses recovering from ill health or requiring an additional boost, feed along side Equicell to support cell repair & recovery

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1 review for ZYNOLIX

  1. Daisy Berkeley

    I put my top horse, Cooper, onto this product, due to lethargy, and him having a sensitive immune system. He hasn’t looked back since. He feels much stronger, and with a great deal more energy. He was previously quite a lazy horse, and is now really in front of the leg. I just wish we were out competing, to reap the benefits!

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