• A liquid calmer.
  • Ideal for competition horses.
  • Effective in other situations, such as loading.


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A liquid feed supplement formulated to provide a calming effect on horses and ponies that display nervous and temperamental behaviour. It is ideal for competition horses that may become stressed when competing and travelling, and is also effective in many other situations where the horse may become anxious.

Stay-Calm is designed for horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines, and can be used in conjunction with other Equiform supplements with confidence to reduce stress at times of excitement and anticipation.

To achieve a calming effect Equiform have formulated a product containing magnesium, Vitamin B1,B2 and B3. The addition of Vitamin E also helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Tryptophan has also been added as it is naturally occurring in the horses’ body and acts as a calming agent. To complete the formulation, key natural flower remedies have been included.

Instructions For Use
It is best to allow around 3 days for Stay-Calm liquid to take effect before a stressful period is expected. Stay Calm should be fed to horses at a level of 60ml per day & ponies 30ml per day. It may be beneficial to feed 90ml during the 1st 5 days; the level of Stay Calm fed may be reduced gradually over time depending upon the level of stress and the behaviour of the individual horse.

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2 litre, 5 litre

2 reviews for STAY CALM LIQUID

  1. Lara Edwards

    I owe this product so much, I have a very hot jazz horse and this transformed him. 16 regional titles, numerous top three international placings I cannot rate this liquid calmer enough. I can literally tell if we have run out within 24 hrs of him not having it. He still has that special edge but can deal with “general” things so much better!!!! Wouldn’t be able to compete without this wonderful calmer. Thank you equiform x

  2. charlotte bradbury (verified owner)

    Great product that really works and the horse’s love the taste.

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