• The Ultimate Pick Me Up
  • High spec vitamin & mineral supplement.
  • Added Prebiotic to help maintain the hind gut.
  • Optimum utilisation of nutrients.
  • Ideal for horses lacking sparkle


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Excel Extra

‘The Original Liquid Feed Balancer’

A top quality vitamin and mineral supplement with a balanced supply of 14 essential vitamins and 12 mineral & trace elements together with amino acids and prebiotics in a palatable easy to use liquid.

Specially formulated to be the ultimate pick me up for horses lacking sparkle.

Contains prebiotics to balance and maintain the beneficial micro-organisms in the horse’s system
Ideal for horses needing ‘that extra something’, rich in Iron, Copper & B Vitamins
Excel Extra also contains Bioplexes, and does not contain any banned substances.

The addition of a prebiotic balances and maintains the beneficial microorganisms in the horse’s hindgut. This is of particular benefit to horses that suffer from stress, or that are difficult to maintain in optimal condition. It helps to ensure the correct utilisation and absorption of nutrients from the diet, essential in preventing non-specific deficiencies.

Excel Extra will ensure effective utilisation of nutrients available from the feed to maintain optimal health and energy. It is ideally suited for horses performing at any level, which are of balanced temperament and that do not suffer from a loss of energy, stamina or noticeable performance. It provides the correct balance to complement correct feeding of either straights or compounds feeds and can be fed continually throughout training.

Benefits include effective metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrate and the efficient use of oxygen allowing maximal muscle activity. The inclusion of a prebiotic is of particular benefit to horses that may have suffered from depleted levels of gut microflora, due to stress, illness or disease.  Lowered or imbalanced levels of gut microflora can result in a loss of condition, incorrect utilisation of feed, diarrhoea, colic and possibly even laminitis as well as a link with some stereotypic behaviour.

Ideal for horses needing ‘that extra something’.

Designed for use with Xtrolyte Red or Blue depending on feeding regime.

Instructions For Use
Feeding rate: 60ml per horse per day.

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2 litre, 25 litre, 5 litre

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