• Vitamin & Mineral supplement
  • Prebiotic & B12 ensure optimum horse health and performance.
  • That ‘extra something’.


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Based on a proven balance of vitamins and Bioplex minerals, Excel jump-off is fortified with Prebiotics and Vitamin B12. These elements in particular ensure optimum horse health and performance as well as that much needed ‘extra something’.

In addition Jump Off provides elements to allow for a much-needed boost when extra effort is required. Excel Jump-Off also contains natural Omega- 3 Oil, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which has proved to be beneficial to performance requiring long periods of concentration and stamina, (mental and physical).

The formulation of this product is ideally suited to the intense demand of competition. We believe you can achieve a consistent performance by providing specific nutrients that enhance the horse’s response to moments of maximal exertion. There are many benefits of feeding a correctly balanced supplement including, maximised formation and utilisation of haemoglobin, improved muscle function, and a positive effect on stress.

The performance horse has to produce regular consistent results over a long period of time. The inclusion of high levels of B group vitamins allows effective metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein, needed by the performance horse to provide the energy levels for maximal performance

Equiform recommends the daily use of electrolytes during work to ensue replacement of vital salts.


  • Maintains immune response.
  • Supports formation and utilisation of haemoglobin.
  • Supports muscle function.
  • Supports horses following performance stress.
  • Excellent for veterans.

Designed for use with Xtrolyte Red or Blue depending on feeding regime.

Instructions For Use
Feeding rate: 60ml per horse per day.

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  1. Abi Walters (verified owner)

  2. Barryjohn Bonar (verified owner)

  3. sarah f. (verified owner)

    Used Equiform for 24yrs and love it for my horses out competing Never have a problem with recovery time and fitness is always easy to obtain Convinced it’s through feed Equiform with a simple diet

  4. Kelly (verified owner)

  5. sarah fitton (verified owner)

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