• Vitamin E supplement.
  • An aid to calming nervous horses.
  • Important for good fertility.


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Excel E + Selenium contains Vitamin E, Selenium, Lysine & Methionine to support muscle function and immunity as well as fertility.

The body requires Vitamin E to function as a non-specific antioxidant that protects cells from damage by oxidation. In addition, it works with selenium to stabilize red blood cells and maintain vascular system stability. A lack of Vitamin E has been linked to infertility. Vitamin E supplements have been associated with an increase in blood glucose and lactate in exercised horses and may help to maintain normal blood parameters. Normal immune function also requires Vitamin E, and studies have found that oat-fed horses supplemented with Vitamin E showed increased humoral immune response to tetanus toxoid and equine influenzas.

More Vitamin E may be destroyed or used by horses during times of stress or strain than can be obtained through normal feeds. There has been said to be some benefit to tying up from treatment with Vitamin E & selenium. It is because it the interaction between Vitamin E and selenium, that we have included selenium within the product. Selenium is vital for the maintenance of normal muscle function, as well as playing a role with vitamin E as a membrane protector. Low blood selenium has also been associated with poor performance syndrome in racehorses, and correct supplementation of this may help prevent the occurrence of the syndrome.

Amino Acids

Excel E + Selenium also contains Lysine, which plays an important role in efficient protein synthesis. Lysine is an amino acid that is crucial in the growth and development of young horses. Lysine helps calcium absorption and is needed in horses for proper growth. It also aids in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes and helps colleen formation to repair tissue. Methionine is also included as it is a good source of sulphur and aids the digestive system. It also interacts with other substances to detoxify harmful agents and aids muscle weakness in horses.

At Equiform we have produced a Vitamin E supplement that gives 200iu of VitaminE per day to your horse. This is the ideal level required to promote fertility. If you have a mare or a stallion, make sure they are in the best condition for breeding by using Excel E – an essential part of a stud’s feeding programme.

Instructions For Use

Feeding rate: 50g per day.

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2 reviews for EXCEL E + SELENIUM

  1. Anthony Condon

    this is a brilliant product to use whilst working the horses the Vit E acting as an antioxidant so great for muscle function to prevent the build up of too much lactic acid and aslo for our stallions and mares the selenium keeps there fertility high

  2. Jan (verified owner)

    Best Vitamin E we have tried

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