• Maintain Performance
  • Support Muscle Recovery
  • For horses in intense or prolonged exercise




Excel Neutra-lac is a liquid supplement formulated to support the recovery of tired muscles following intense of prolonged exercise. Contains Sodium Citrate, amino acids and a readily absorbable carbohydrate source. This ensures effective nutrition is delivered to the fatigued muscles. This is essential for recovery of hard working horses.

Sodium Citrate
Sodium Citrate is an alkalinizing agent with lactic acid buffering properties that help decrease lactic acid production during intense or prolonged exercise.. Which will help to increase the horse’s ability to work under hard conditions and will reduce the time in which it takes the horse to recover.

Amino Acids
Balanced Amino Acids support development of muscles which are essential for ensuring the horse maintains condition and top line when working hard.
The formulation includes Branch Chain Amino Acids to provide a source of energy that can reduce the production of lactic acid, allowing the horse to work for longer.

Carbohydrate Source
Providing an easily absorbable carbohydrate source may improve the horses ability to work for longer periods of time by increasing the time to fatigue. The horse can easily replenish its glycogen stores once exercise is over, due to the readily absorbable energy source available. It will also ensure glycogen depletion does not impact performance over time.

Feeding directions:
Horses in training: 90ml per day fed after the days’ work
After competition: Give an extra 30ml fed after the day’s work

Excel Neutra-lac should be fed in conjunction with an electrolyte such as Xtrolyte Blue or Pro

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