• Concentrated electrolyte syringe.
  • Help to reduce recovery time.
  • Lead to a faster return to optimum fitness.




Revive is a concentrated electrolyte syringe fortified with vitamin B12. It is of particular benefit during and after long transportation and before and after strenuous work. The use of Revive may help reduce recovery time after a period of exertion and heavy sweating, and therefore maintain optimum fitness.

Revive is suitable for use alongside daily administration of any of the Xtrolyte range of electrolytes. The inclusion of Vitamin B12 may help to ensure effective red blood cell production; effective RBC production is required to supply sufficient oxygen to the muscles during and after exercise. Optimum recovery of the performance horse is vital if maximum output is required, by ensuring the horse can recover effectively in the shortest time may ultimately lead to an increase in overall performance.


Comes in handy 30g syringes.

Instructions For Use
Feeding Rate:
One full syringe at the back of the horse’s mouth after periods of stress or heavy sweating.

Equiform recommend the daily use of Xtrolyte Blue to replace electrolytes lost in daily work. For horses in hard work, or requiring additional levels of trace elements, check out our complete range of electrolytes

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

1 review for REVIVE

  1. Scarlett Ward

    Revive is absolutely great for helping my horses recover during and after a hard show. Particularly in the summer when the horses are sweating more, we are travelling further and away for longer periods I’ve found these pastes to be a huge benefit to my horses.

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