• For horses fed on a traditional diet.
  • Can be fed along side any of Equiform’s products.
  • Designed to be fed on a daily basis.




Xtrolyte Red is a liquid electrolyte, for horses fed on a more traditional diet or requiring additional muscle support. Designed so that it can be fed with any of the Equiform Excel Discipline products.

Xtrolyte Red contains higher levels of these elements than Xtrolyte Blue to help support optimum muscle function in horses prone to, and recovering from, muscle problems such as Tying Up; By ensuring the horse receives sufficient levels of electrolytes after exertion, the loss of essential salts can be avoided, allowing the horse to perform at maximal levels without distress or loss of performance.

When vitamin E levels in muscle tissue are low, muscle damage is more likely to occur. For a performance horse, a key role of vitamin E is to interrupt the production of free radicals at the initial stage of peroxidative damage. Free radicals target membranes and cells and can cause tissue damage. Where a cell has high activity levels, (such as skeletal and involuntary muscle cells) & uses a higher level of fats for energy supply, the greater the risk of tissue damage if vitamin E is limiting.

As workload increases, energy demands increase, the diet is altered to meet these demands & Vitamin E levels may fall, when a horse is prone to muscle function problems, there is a particular need to supplement with Vitamin E. Supplementation can reduce the severity of the free radical damage caused by exercise.


  • Supports dietary deficiencies of vitamin E, copper, zinc and selenium, brought about by the effects of hard work in conjunction with the traditional feed diet.
  • Supports the return to peak condition after racing or heavy work.
  • Convenient liquid form which is more palatable to horses. Some horses are reluctant to take powdered minerals.
  • Supports the return to peak condition after racing or heavy work.
  • Helps maintain hydration levels
  • Daily feeding may help speed the return to peak condition
  • Helps delay the time to fatigue
  • Xtrolyte Red does not contain any banned substances.

Instructions For Use
Feeding Rate: 60 – 120ml per horse per day, depending on work load.

For horses with differing electrolyte requirements, check out our complete range of electrolytes

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