• For stressful travellers.
  • Electrolytes with added B12.
  • Help to maintain normal behaviour.


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Excel Travelwell paste is a new and unique product, specially formulated to support competition horses throughout the season. During a busy competition season, a busy horse can travel hundreds of miles in a horsebox. Although everything is done to ensure the horse’s security and comfort. The physical demands of each journey can accumulate and negatively impact performance.

Excel Travelwell paste includes electrolytes, with a balance of salts similar to what is lost in 1 liter of sweat. Additionally, Excel Travelwell includes Nucleotides for their positive impact on horses. Research shows Nucleotides are considered to be a conditionally essential nutrient that enhances the immune system’s function and supports recovery, as well as the regeneration of damaged cells or tissues. During periods of increased stress, such as travelling, nucleotide demand exceeds the available supply, requiring additional levels. Yeasacc and Biomos are also included to support and maintain proper digestive health. This is key as horses can often suffer from digestive upset before, during, and after travel. The inclusion of Vitamin B12 assists metabolism, and the natural flower remedies may help maintain the normal behaviour of the horse.

Feeding Instructions

Deliver one full syringe to the back of the horses mouth up to 1hr before travelling. A second syringe may be given mid way in a journey over 6hrs in length.

To get the best from your horse at a competition, make sure you are including one of our electrolyte range into your regime

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Box of 12, Single Syringe


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