• Supports horses in training
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin K to support the blood vessels.
  • Supports optimum blood clotting
  • Measuring cup included


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Equiform Nutrition has developed Stop Bleed for those horses requiring additional support during hard work . A combination of vitamin C and Vitamin K with a powerful antioxidant complex and Nucleotides to give a natural support to the blood vessels and blood clotting time. The Antioxidant complex and Nucleotides protect the lung tissue and support horses in hard work with compromised respiratory tracts. In addition, Nucleotides are particularly beneficial in supporting cell repair in lung tissue.

To provide immediate support before work, use Stop Bleed Paste. Additionally, to ensure optimum recovery, it’s advisable to include Xtrolyte Blue in the horse’s diet.

  • Vitamin K – essential to the clotting process.
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant support, protecting cells, and helping horses withstand stress.
  • Antioxidants, extracted from melon, have a positive effect on antioxidant capacity, offering protection against the effect of oxidative Stress,
  • Oxidative stress has been linked to reduced pulmonary function. Maintaining the Oxidant/antioxidant equilibrium is essential to support resistance to the stress associated with training and performance.
  • Nucleotides are conditionally essential nutrients that are often depleted in horses under high levels of stress. The reduction in available nucleotides in horses prone to EIPH, impacts the ability of cells to replicate & renew.


Horses 30ml per day

Ponies 15ml per day

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1 review for STOP BLEED

  1. William Gaskins (verified owner)

    This product has been successful used to treat two of my horses. One bled badly after coming second in a 3.5ml PTP two years ago and we thought her racing days were over, I have used Stop Bleed ever since, she has not bled again and has won two open races and a 4th at Cheltenham. On my recommendation another trainer has successfully used Stop Bleed. I am in no doubt that your product stopped my horse from bleeding. I will be using it again this coming season but please put it in a container that’s compatible with your pump. I have to dispense it into another container in order to use the pump.

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